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In 2004, for his first successful production, Ipek brought together Oktay Kaynarca, Beren Saat and Ece Uslu in the TV series “Askimizda Olum Var", which was broadcast on Show TV. This was Beren’s first role on a TV series, who later became a top star actress. 

In 2005, Ipek produced Fahriye Evcen's first TV series “Asla Unutma", which brought together famous names such as Hulya Kocyigit, Goksel Arsoy and Ediz Hun. The series was also broadcast on Show TV. In 2006 he went on to produce “Nehir” with Petek Dincoz, directed by Cevdet Mercan, which aired on Kanal D. Also in 2006, he introduced Firat Tanis to television when he made the TV series “Felek Ne Demek”.

In 2007, he produced a sitcom called “Kismetim Otel” featuring famous names such as Yildiz Kenter, Tarik Papuccuoglu, Oya Aydogan and Gurgen Oz.

His career continued with the series “Kuzey Ruzgari", written by Omer Lutfi Mete, which was broadcast on Show TV with Kadir Inanir and Oktay Kaynarca sharing the lead role. Same year, he went on to make the series called “Baba Ocagi", which was broadcast on StarTv, in which Burak Ozcivit shines. In 2008, he stopped working with Ibrahim Mertoglu and started working with his childhood friend Tibet Kaan Demirtas, the owner of Kamera Film.

In 2010, at Kamera Film he produced "Farewell", which was directed by Zulfu Livaneli. The movie left its mark on that year, telling the life of legendary Turkish leader Ataturk in the most successful way in film format. “Farewell” was one of the last films shot in 35 mm format at that time, and it was a project in which many famous names such as Ezgi Mola and Ozge Ozpirincci shined.

The project brought together Oscar winning foreign teams and very successful Turkish filmmakers.After starting the TV series “Kirli Beyaz" on Fox TV in 2011, he parted ways with Kamera Film and founded Duka Film. In the same year, he made the TV series “Babam Icin" for Fox, featuring Hasan Kacan and Altan Gordum, which was directed by Ahmet Katiksiz and written by Deniz Akcay, under Duka film.

In 2013, in partnership with the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan, he made his second feature, "Mahmut and Meryem", starring Aras Bulut Iynemli. That same year, he made “Osmanli Tokat’i" which was broadcast on TRT, starring Vildan Atasever and Ismail Hacioglu.

His perspective in the industry and business life took a different direction with his new project ‘Elif', which started on Kanal 7 in 2014. This project, starring Isabella Guvenilir gained great reputation abroad, finaled with 1204 episodes in 2019, introducing names like Emre Kivilcim, Melis Cemre Cinar and Melisa Dongel to the industry, was sold to 45 countries.

The success of “Elif” abroad caused him to design his following projects almost entirely with a focus on foreign markets. With this in mind, he founded "Yesil Production" in 2019 and started the series “The Light of Hope" with Isabella Guvenilir. Although the project could not participate in international festivals due to the pandemic, which completed the first season as 164 episodes, as of today, it has been sold to 15 countries, including the United States and European countries such as Spain, Romania and Poland. The second season of the project is planned to start shooting in October 2021.

Ipek continues to create successful projects for the Film and TV industry and is proud to produce in his hometown, enjoys promoting his culture abroad and providing income for his country by designing Turkish productions for foreign markets.